Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes I love a Hack's Work

Aaron Sorkin is a hack. He's the worst kind: he's supposititious. He puts forward what seems true in order to eliminate the needful feeling to explore the truth, which costs time and effort and thus appeals to instant gratification. I assume I'm not the only one into that.

And worse!, he makes characters to fit his engineered story, as opposed to making characters who generate a story. A very, very sad human. My narcissism pities those that don't know they are narcissistic. I'd hate him but I'm confidant that he hates himself more than I ever could because ever moment of self reflect requires that elitist to find a equivocation or conjure a lie. And thus the petty are punished. Also, it's wrong to hate, but whatever. The important thing is that I don't feel bad owning and loving each season of The West Wing.

So, that perfect logical proof stated and accepted by every living human(and most of the dead), I feel no harm in LOVING this scene in one of his movies, each of which make shit house rats appreciate the luxury of shit houses.


P.S. Do I know the endings of all my my neglected stories? Yes. Do I have more stories to start so I can neglect? Yes. Am I going to do any work? Come on, you know.