Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I feel I should say something...

I simply want to note, my billions of loyal and hand-wringing when will PB post a brilliant story again fans, that yet again England proves both that America is not the most lascivious and crass country in the world, and America needs to get over herself and start rating female's bottoms on a number system. I swear, you Brits are light-years ahead of us on vanilla spanking media.

Behold, some woman called Jennifer Ellison has, by democratic decree, the most delectable rear in all of Oceania!! Is there an international contest? I'm voting for Jessica Alba. Bring home the gold, Alba! USA!!!

Still, this Jennifer person seems delightful. "Rear of the Year" delightful? I am but one man, and I don't have the hubris to make such a claim, but surely she has the Rear of a Month at least. At least, people! Be fair.

I'm going to do something I almost never do: I'm going to be honest. The truth is, I posted this post for two craven reasons:

1. I didn't feel like writing a story. I'm tired.
2. People were tired of seeing Sarah Palin's massive face staring at them.

All legit reasons, if you ask me, but you haven't, so I've supplied the answer anyway because I read in a book that it's good to be proactive.