Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Time for Choosing

I never intended this site to be a mouthpiece for the thoughts of my addled brain, just my silly little stories, but in the words of Thomas Jefferson, sometimes it is necessary for free men to stand up and call bullshit. Well, I'm calling bullshit.

This Max Mosley Affair is annoying to me, and worse its costly to others. Costly to innocents, and I guess I'm a stupid southern good-ol-boy American, but stomping on the innocent for good reason makes me want to go straight to the guns. I wont, of course, as I'm not insane and I'm a peaceful soul, but I can at least speak to all my loyal fans (both of you). Also, I can act with a weapon far more powerful than guns: money.

I've heard from a number of sources (like the above to Niki Flynn and this one here) that Lucy McLean and Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking (people I don't know but whom seem lovely by all accounts) are suffering for no good reason and the time has come for all good men to come to the aid of their party. If we don't hang together, we shall certainly hang separately. Oh, I left a mawkish and rambling comment on Flynn's post wherein I railed against the hypocrisies of the day. Please ignore it. Never happened, I never wrote it. I have an evil twin: TannedBust. He has a mustache and he thinks he's always right.

To the matter. I'm a cheap bastard I guess. My usual method is to buy membership to a spanking site for a month, download everything, cancel rebilling, then wait three to four or more months before renewing membership, and thus looting the spanking works of many months by paying only one month's fee. I doubt I'm the only cheap bastard, but I am one and there it is. And it wasn't all that long ago that I enjoyed a good viking rapine on Northern Spanking--but now is a time for choosing, and I choose freedom over bullshit and some of my money (I'm joining on the $50 90 day option which is a pretty good deal). That's right, I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and all I'm getting out of it is access to thousands of videos and pictures of top flight females getting spanked in creative story line settings. I'm a freaking hero. No, no, don't worship me, worship that for which I sacrifice my precious, precious money. Being a hero is mostly an issue of timing anyway.

And Northern Spanking is a good damn product. There's this one series where Amy Hunter is a college student who pens an essay about the submissive subtext of the works of Jane Austin (the first of many women to prove that some women can write one-billion times better than me... damn it). Her professor puts her through the sub paces and it is freaking hot. There are a lot of good tableau du fessee, and a lot of Tinman heart as well. There's another series where Pandora, a woman whose beauty is only matched by her perfect literary tastes, is whacked by her Aussie au pair who herself gets spanked by mother and husband, then mother gets it and... fantastic. Everybody gets it.

The site's material is huge, the product is excellent, the girls are lovely, the jokes are funny, the pleasures are varied, and you never know what you'll get next other than that it will be extraordinary. Bonus: you can do your bit to fight against the opprobrium of group-think collectivism. All that evil requires to succeed is for good men to do nothing. People, fellow spankos, doms and subs, domestic disciplinarians and BDSM'ers, let not this be the time when the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity. Not now. Not under our watch.

So, there's my meager contribution to the fight, all the more humble because I am so far afield from the fray. But ff I can get one person to join Northern Spanking, at least for one month, I'll be overjoyed. People, really, $25 dollars is nothing compared to the hundreds of hours of smoking hot action you'll get in return. It's the best deal since the Louisiana Purchase.