Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have you ever seen Weeds on WEED, man?

As you all no doubt know, Weeds has the best spanking scene on TV since the black and white age ended. I've had a crush on Mary-Louise Parker for years(the woman doesn't age) so I netflixed the first season.

Awesome. I love this show. It isn't House good, or Scrubs good, but it is really really good and it's nice to take a break from watching shows about medicine. I used to work in a hospital, and I'd rather go to a snake charmer than to a hospital.

However, the show prompts a depressing question: why are most of the successful shows these days premised on moral depravity? Hold on, MLP is bending over a kitchen table in tight blue jeans... awwwww. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the future of my brilliant blog.

I think I'm coming out of my seasonal depression. However, soon will be the holidays, so I wont have much time to write before I spend all my time focusing on not killing myself.

I was thinking about starting a spanking themed "choose your own adventure" type series. Let my countless fans vote on where the story goes. Any thoughts?