Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not Dead Yet

People, really, I know I've done nothing on this blog for ages, but I've had some-ahem-health issues, I've quit my job, I'm moving to another city, and I'm going back to university. I'm dealing with a lot of shit here.

I'm a little bitter that quitting was so amicable. I really wanted to say something like "take this job and shove it" or "you can't fire me: I quit!" but instead they threw a nice little party and everything was all smiles. I think some of them for glad to get rid of the token conservative, even though I've explained to them a thousand times that I'm a libertarian, not a republican or conservative. Goddamn commie lefties just can't listen.

However, those are excuses. I will make a very less limp than a garden hose effort to finish the first of the Coventry series or the next chapter of Tessy. It's in my head, I just need to get it down in light pixels.

You know, they say the difference between professional writers and amateurs is not talent, but that that professional writers actually write. I begin to suspect that this is the case.

Don't forget, my loyal beyond reason fans, to keep on rocking in the free world. Unless you happen to view my blog from North Korea. If that is the case, dude, that really sucks. Try to escape. South Korea has an excellent film industry. Have you seen Old Boy? Freaking outstanding.